What is this page for?

This page is available to answer many common question. We can't always answer the phone, so we want to provide as much information as possible to make your experience smoother and easier.

Do you guarantee your work?
Yes, we do. If there has been an error in printing your garments, you may either purchase the incorrect items at 20% off or we will reprint these items and West Coast Designz (WCD) will keep the misprinted garments. You may purchase the misprinted garments from us at 50% off if you like.

How long does it take?
WCD will screen print within 10 business days after the final artwork is approved.

How soon can I get my order if I pay a RUSH fee?
Our production manager needs to be contacted to approve any RUSH orders. We have pushed orders through to print the following day after the order is placed.

How much is your set up fee?
$25 per screen (per color)

Can you help me create artwork?
Yes! Our talented team of designers can create original artwork or recreate existing tee shirts and other custom merchandise designs to suit your job. Whether you need your company's logo printed on shirts for the annual picnic or have an upcoming business or social event requiring a special touch, please contact us for design help.

Do you have setup charges?
Yes. Our setup costs are $25 per color, per location. Example: If you have 2 color print on the front chest and a 3 color print on the back, the setup costs will be $50 for the front, and $75 for the back.

What does the setup costs cover?
The setup costs cover the time, labor, and materials that go into making the films and the screens tp print your job.

Do I get to keep my screens and films?
No. Our policy is to not release any films or screens. We don't keep the screens for every job. If we did we would need a wharehouse the size of the San Jose Arena just to store them all.

Do I get to keep my digitized file for embroidery?
No. The cost you are paying is the labor for us to turn your logo into a file that is usable for embroidery. The file may be purchase from us at a later date at our discression.

How much does it cost for artwork?
Our design fee for custom designs is $65 per hour. With a minimum charge of $35 All artwork will be quoted up front.

Do I get a break on the price if I order more?
Our pricing is quantity based… the more you order, the better the price per garment will be.

What is the largest size you are able to get and how much extra does this cost?
We are able to get a variety of products up to a 6XL. We also have Tall sizes available in many garment styles. The cost will vary depending on the garment.

Can I get a garment sample?
Yes, we can provide sample garments. We will however charge for the cost of the garments and the shipping. The samples can then be placed in with your order to b printed.

Can I get a catalog?
We have online catalogs available. Just click on the online catalogs link at the top of the page. We carry a variety of products from a number of vendors and can find almost anything you need.

Can you match PMS colors?
We will match our stock ink colors as close to the PMS colors requested. If an exact match is required, we can special mix PMS colored inks. The cost to do this is $25.00 per color

Can I print on various sizes?
Adult shirts and youth M & L sized shirt can be printed together at a 12.5” x 12.5" design size. Youth small, infant and toddler sizes will need to be printed with a smaller sized print. We can print both youth and adult shirts together if design size is made to fit the smallest shirt being printed. Some customers prefer to do two sizes of artwork, one for adult and one for youth.

Can I print on various shirt colors?
As long as the same ink color/s can be used on all garments. If there is an ink change there is a 24 peace minimum per setup.

Can I print on a variety of products?
Like items, such as t-shirts and sweatshirts can be printed together.

Can you print 4 color process artwork?
We can print 4 color process designs. Typically, 4 color process does not print as well on a dark colored garment. In this situation we may use a technique called index color.

What can I do to keep the price down?
For all garments, there are a few factors that determine the final cost:

• The Number of Garments (More shirts = Less Cost per shirt)
• The Garment Style and Quality (i.e.: T-shirt vs. Sweatshirt and Heavyweight vs. Beefy T)
• The Color of Garment (Whites are Least Expensive, Darks are More Expensive)
• The Number of Colors in a Design (Less Colors = Less Cost per shirt)
• The Positioning, Sizing, and Number of Prints per Garment (i.e.: Front, Back, Sleeve)
• Shirt Size(s) (2XL and up are More Expensive)
• Printing Process (i.e.: Spot Color, 4 color process, index color)

What type of file can I submit?
We prefer file formats such as:
Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or (.eps) files. Mac or PC, Corel Draw, Photoshop
The preferred format is in vector (.eps).
Make sure you create outlines for your fonts if you are submitting a vector file.
We also accept these type of files.
.JPG .GIF .BMP .TIFF, for these types of files please make sure you send us the highest resolution and largest size of your image (300 DPI or greater preferred). If your files is larger than 1 MB please send it on a disk by mail. The better the artwork you send the better the shirts will look. If your file type is not listed please send it anyways and we will do our best to work with that file. If we can't process your request we will contact you and find a solution.